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Composite Doors Worcester

We are proud to partner with Solidor who make the best composite doors on the market today. These doors have features that no other composite doors have – at Home Improvements Worcestershire, we want to provide our customers with the very best. Receive a bespoke, FREE online quote and see what you can achieve with our composite doors.

Understanding the Difference

There are many kinds of doors on the market today. But not all of them are built as well as a Solidor composite door. There are many things that affect the quality of a door, from the materials used to the way it looks as a whole. Choosing a door with poor materials and a cheap design can leave your home vulnerable to danger. This doesn’t mean that every home should have a steel door, but it does mean that you can find a good balance between style, strength, and cost.

We are also proud to offer bifold doors, uPVC doors, uPVC windows and many other styles which can all be catered bespoke to your home. Get your FREE quote today!

Being Ensured

    Ultion Locking System

Ultion, a revolutionary locking system that stays locked, has just made Britain’s most secure composite door even better.

When the Ultion senses an attack, a hidden lock inside it goes into effect. This means that even if it is snapped twice, nothing can get through. Even if you leave a key inside the lock, it won’t change how it works. Other benefits include:

  • Ultion is twice as hard to break.
  • When the Ultion is attacked, it goes into “Lockdown Mode” right away.
  • Even with a key in the lock, it doesn’t move at all.
  • Ultion has 6 pins, but only 2 are used.
  • The tapped pins are placed at random to make it take more skills, tools, and time to pick them up.
  • Ultion keeps you safe from Lock Drilling.
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SNAP Repellent

Michael Fraser talks about how important it is to have a good lock in your home, like the Ultion lock, and how easy it could be for someone to break in without a good kite marked lock on This Morning. With the right composite door, you can be sure that your Worcester home is getting the support it needs to keep you safe throughout the year.

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Lockdown Mode

Burglars will often try to get in through your door.

73% of home break ins, according to the Office of National Statistics, happen through a door. When used with a Solidor, the Ultion will make it impossible for anyone to get into your Worcester home through our composite doors.

“LOCKDOWN MODE” keeps your Worcester home locked all the time.

If you try to force your way in, the Ultion composite door lock will immediately go into “Lockdown Mode,” where a protected attack lock will activate directly into the central cam. This is something you won’t get with a lock that gives you instant access

There is no way to get past the attack lock, and we mean NO way. This means that “Lockdown Mode” keeps you and your Worcester home safe, and the Ultion is the only way to go.

Composite Door Prices Worcester

Composite Door Prices, Worcester

We work with the top suppliers in the double glazing market to make great composite doors that we sell at reasonable prices. Use our online quoting engine to get started on a free, fast, and affordable quote that fits your needs.

At Home Improvements Worcestershire, we know that the right composite door can give you the entrance you need to keep safe and warm each year.

If you need more information, please use our online contact page to get in touch with us, and we will respond as quickly and professionally as we can. Our customer service team is great, and they would love to talk to you.

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Composite Door Material

The most important thing to know about composite doors is that they are made of more than one material. This makes them strong, durable, and good looking. A composite door’s core can be made of wood, insulation materials, and many other layers, all of which are protected by an outer skin that can stand up to the weather. The only real downside to installing a composite door is that it will cost a little bit more than a regular uPVC door, but the benefits more than make up for the extra cost.

Your Double Glazing Installer in Worcester

We work with the top suppliers in the double glazing market to make great composite doors that we sell at reasonable prices. Use our online quoting engine to get started on a FREE, fast, and affordable quote that fits your needs.


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